About Us

Call Me Sweetea is built partially on dreams and partially on someone believing in me enough to say "Let's get you a domain name. Right now."

I (Dani) have been a bookstagrammer on and off since 2014 and fell in love with tea when I discovered the wonderful world of fandom merchandise. That's when I started to drink tea and my brain started churning out ideas of what different places or characters might taste like if a tea were based off of them. Over the years I brewed a little on the idea of starting my own tea shop but hesitated. Surely there are plenty of people already doing that. I would be competing against others who have been around for a long time, what's the point?

But as time went by and the idea steeped further I noticed that my ideas were not being made. And after mentioning my tea dreams one too many times to my significant other he finally gave me the shove gentle nudge I needed to finally take my dream seriously and make it a reality.

And now, here we are.

You will see fandom based teas, that's a fact. Some blends are inspired by large, beloved fandoms such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Alice in Wonderland. Some are inspired by lesser known or smaller fan bases, like The Night Circus, the Grishaverse, and classic literature. My teas are not limited to just books though. You'll find some blends, like I Smell Snow, based on television shows and movies.

You'll see teas inspired by Oregon Country Fair as well, a festival that is home for many people and is new in my life but already has my heart, as does the entire booth's worth of people that I work with (hello and hugs to my Fair Family if you're reading this!).

I hope you find a blend or two (or more!) that you fall in love with here. Or that my shop and dream inspire you to do the damn darn thing already and take action on your own dreams. Or, at the very least, that you learned something new today simply by being here. Whatever you gain from Call Me Sweetea, I hope it brings joy to your life.

Head Tea Mistress
High Tea Priestess
The Original Sweetea (OS does not sound nearly as cool as OG...)

Please excuse the blur. It was dark and this photo is too cute to not show off. [Steampunk party – Oct 2019]

Please excuse the blur. It was dark and this photo is too cute to not show off. [Steampunk party – Oct 2019]