Dreamless Draught


Finally, a blend for those who love black tea but can’t go around hyper-caffeinating themselves at night! Dreamless Draught is your new go-to blend for the liiiiiittle bit of afternoon kick that won’t keep you tossing and turning in the wee hours of the morning.

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • need hints of caffeine and prefer black tea over green or white
  • like your teas simple
  • are looking for a blend that’s elegant in taste and beauty

Ingredients: decaf ceylon, lemon peel*, chamomile*, rose buds*

*indicates organic – please note, decaffeinated tea does still contain some caffeine. For a fully non-caffeinated tea, please see our herbal options.

Samplers contain 2 servings. 1 oz bags contain 12-15 single servings.

*Please see our Contact + FAQs page for information regarding organic ingredients and shipping*



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