Drowning Ophelia

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“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.” – Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Drowning Ophelia tea is an herbal blend loosely based on the cocktail, specifically the version of the cocktail seen in The Starless Sea. With butterfly pea flower for a deep, melancholy blue, rosemary for remembrance, and fennel, all for Ophelia. This blend is spicy and bright in a delightfully unexpected way.

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • tend to quote The Bard of Avon
  • have a fondness for cocktails that is frowned upon before happy hour
  • like your teas moody and meaningful

Ingredients: butterfly pea flower, lemon peel*, fennel, honey powder (cane sugar, honey), lemon verbena*, rosemary*

* indicates organic

Samplers contain 2 servings. 1 oz bags contain 10-12 single servings.

*Please see our Contact + FAQs page for information regarding organic ingredients and shipping*


1 review for Drowning Ophelia

  1. triciahyde (verified owner)

    The pattering of rain as it thumps on the roof. You glance out through the storm before you, and with your warm cuppa of this herbal blend, you are transported to sitting on a branch in the trees, the slight breeze as it passes through the grass and the leaves. To an outsider, you are merely at peace. The only sign of a broken heart are the tears that sit on a precipice daring to fall.

    This herbal blend is for those moody moments and rainy days. The magic found in literature and art is transformed into this blend. The tea steeps a beautiful deep blue, calling you into its depths. It has a floral tone with a dash of sweetness to remind you of the bank Opehlia sat. And it is round and full, like the strength of the water, that helped her find her end.

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