Fairy Godmothers’ Squabble

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Are your fairy godmothers’ fighting over the color of your dress again? Oh, the woes of being a princess! Luckily, there’s a tea that can change color to match your outfit! Just a squeeze of your favorite citrus fruit will have this tea transforming from blue to purple or pink! A great tea for kids to enjoy drinking and learning with (science project, anybody?)!

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • Your fancy dresses come in every color of the rainbow
  • Love teas that are great hot or cold
  • Want to wow your friends at your next tea party with your tea magic (hey, they don’t have to know how you’re changing the color πŸ˜‰ I won’t tell!)

Ingredients: butterfly pea flower, lemon peel*, orange peel*, grapefruit peel*, raspberries, raspberry flavoring (water, alcohol, citric acid, natural flavors, extractive of raspberry), lemon extract (alcohol, lemon oil)

* indicates organic

Samplers contain 2 servings. 1 ounce bags contain 12-15 servings.

*Please see our Contact + FAQs page for information regarding organic ingredients and shipping*


2 reviews for Fairy Godmothers’ Squabble

  1. Mandy K (verified owner)

    This is a bright and zesty tea with a citrus and raspberry punch that makes me think of raspberry lemonade. It’s sweetness makes it perfect to drink as is but you could also add some rock sugar or candied orange zest to bring out more of the fruity flavors. I added lemon juice to see it change colors and poured it over ice for a yummy and fresh iced tea!

  2. Sophie Critchley

    This tea is an absolute delight for both the eyes and taste buds. A subtly sweet fruity herbal tea, with high notes of lemon and raspberry, the magic of this blend is in the amazing vibrant blue shade it steeps in (or even better, the pink it turns when you add a little extra citrus!) As dreamy as the inspiration!

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