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Sometimes you just need to make a cuppa tea, grab a cookie, and chill out. But cookies can make a mess with all those crumbs and sugar. That’s where Have a Biscuit comes in. All the cookies and tea deliciousness in one fell swoop, so you can get back to freaking out faster! (Just kidding. Please remain calm.)

Tastes like: teen rebellion and passive aggression – sugary sweet with a perceptible attitude

Story pairings:Β 

Ingredients: assam, red rooibos, lemon peel, orange peel, elder flowers, rose petals, vanilla flavoring, sugar cookie flavoring (propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavoring)

1 ounce bag contains 15 servings, based on 1 tsp serving size.

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Have a Biscuit is a black and red rooibos sugar cookie tea blend

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1 review for Have a Biscuit

  1. Megan Gerig (verified owner)

    I was honestly a little nervous to try this tea because I’m not a huge sugar cookie fan, but I really enjoyed my cuppa! It wasn’t quite as strong and sweet as I was expecting, definitely a more subtle cookie flavor (especially compared to Yum Cookies).

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