Honey Stardust

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Named after a fake secret menu item in The Starless Sea, Honey Stardust is a blend as bright as the stars in taste and looks like a star strewn sky! A mix of earl grey and eggnog flavor makes this blend pop in your mouth like a full moon on a clear night.

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • have fantasized about being a spy on secret missions to save the world – whether fictional or real
  • have a penchant for star-gazing
  • root for Time and Fate to make it work, despite the owls

Ingredients: earl grey (organic China black tea, organic assam tea, organic bergamot oil), honey powder (cane sugar, honey), calendula flower, eggnog flavoring (propylene glycol USP, ethyl alcohol, natural & artificial flavoring)

Samplers contain 2 servings. 1 oz bags contain 10-12 single servings.

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An eggnog flavored earl grey inspired by The Starless Sea.

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3 reviews for Honey Stardust

  1. triciahyde (verified owner)

    I’m a black tea loyalist so trying this blend was a no brainer. Now imagine being curled up with your hot cuppa, a roaring fire beside you, and staring off across the distance to lights twinkling amidst the swirl of snow.

    The eggnog flavoring is just perfection. All the memories of past holidays rush forth with each sip. It’s a cup that I never want to end. Creamy and sweet, addictive doesn’t even begin to cover it. The eggnog scent skims across the sweetness and it just wraps around your soul to wish you a good night.

  2. Cheryl Mason (verified owner)

    I loved your Stardust tea. I think you have great customer service. I will be trying your other blends. Thank you for your excellent customer care. Cheryl

  3. Amber (verified owner)

    So good! I am not sure what flavor this is, but I love it.

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