Mr. Polysquidyclops


Mr. Polysquidyclops is one of only a handful of males left of his species. A rare crossbreed of cauldron, squid, and cyclops, these creatures are know to be vain and attentive to detail. This particular male is unusually social and would rather bunk up with a roommate than live in the wild on his own. He would like to let prospective roommates know that he is fairly clean and has a probably unhealthy relationship with his Netflix account. He prefers reading the captions over listening so there’s no need to worry that his late night tv habits will disrupt anyone’s sleep. If you have a spot in your cupboard for him to sleep in, please inquire within.

Mug holds 12 fl oz and is microwave safe. Dishwasher safe too, but please be careful of the handles and feet. This rare breed is particularly mindful of their looks.

Made by the incredibly talented Chase of Down the Road Clayworks

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