Peaceful Prophecy


Fantasies are often based around prophecies, but why do those prophecies always have to be so stressful? Chosen one, war of the century, doom and gloom. Let’s have a Peaceful Prophecy shall we? This herbal blend is earthy with high notes of orange and made with ingredients attributed with anti-anxiety and calming properties*. So before you start your next high fantasy novel, make yourself a cuppa Peaceful Prophecy to help you stay calm when the book is anything but!

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • are looking for a relaxing, bedtime ritual blend
  • prefer teas with herbal flavor backed by citrus notes
  • tend to leave the rest of your TBR pile stranded when a new fantasy novel is released

Ingredients: marshmallow leaf, nettle, orange peel, chamomile, orange extract ((alcohol, orange oil)

*wellness benefits are cited by herbalists – this information has not been approved by the FDA and I am not a doctor.

1 oz bags contain 10-12 single servings.

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A calming blend with marshmallow leaf and nettle leaf

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