Poisoned Roses

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“At some point, we’re all someone’s hero and another’s villain. It’s all a matter of perspective.” – Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco

Blended using ingredients mentioned in the various teas served in Capturing the Devil, Poisoned Roses is a delightfully floral earl grey (sans poison, despite the name). Don’t let its beauty fool you, though. Like Audrey Rose, this blend is strong and up for the task!

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • are tougher than you look…
  • …and still enjoy flowers, whether on your dining table or in your tea
  • like a more classic, traditional blend

Ingredients: Earl Grey (Organic China black and organic Assam tea, organic bergamot oil), hibiscus, rose petals, lavender

*Poisoned Roses is an all organic blend

Samplers contain 2 servings. 1 oz bags contain 12-15 single servings.

*Please see our Contact + FAQs page for information regarding organic ingredients and shipping*


4 reviews for Poisoned Roses

  1. Rachel S (verified owner)

    Poisoned Roses has a beautiful flavor profile, with the floral undertones complimenting the earl grey tea perfectly. The floral additions lightened up the earl grey, and it was a blend like I’ve never tasted before. I added a bit of sugar to it myself, since I like my teas sweetened, and I couldn’t stop with one cup!

  2. Mandy K. (verified owner)

    Poisoned Roses is a light floral black tea that is very mellow. I love the way it looks before brewing with the colorful flower petals. It has a slight citrus and flower scent and is so yummy with milk.

  3. Sophie Critchley (verified owner)

    This is such a deliciously fragrant earl grey, with sweet floral notes. It slipped down very nicely, followed by two more helpings.πŸ˜… Too good for just one cup.

  4. triciahyde (verified owner)

    Walking in a dark meadow, the leaves appear almost black with nothing but the pale moon providing you light. The red roses scattered along the darkened world, guiding you forward. You lean forward and take a deep breath. Something seems off in their scent, it’s floral just as you remember the roses from your mother’s kitchen table, but there is another one you can’t place. But, ah, it must just be this strange place.

    You pluck the rose petals and take them home to steep into your traditional black tea. The aroma taking over the home. The warmth of your cuppa spreading from your hands, warming your body and soul. The black tea you have come to love, dancing in your mouth; but when you swallow, those floral tones linger, teasing your tongue and making you wish for more.

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