The Ritz

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Look up and gaze at the stars while you shower. Take a deep breath and let out a relaxing “om” in the saunas. The Ritz is arguably one of the most soothing parts of Oregon Country Fair and an herbal blend homage had to be made. The tea version of The Ritz is a great bedtime ritual drink, perfect for calming the mind and the body. Enjoy anytime you need to clear your energy or want to briefly pause to take care of yourself.

You might enjoy this blend if you:

  • Think a relaxing day includes omming in a sauna
  • Flamingos are your favorite
  • Want a tea that will help you wind down after a hard day

Ingredients: red rooibos, safflower, hibiscus, English lavender, lemon peel, chamomile, rose petals

An all organic blend

15% of proceeds from all Faire Family tea sales will be donated to White Bird Clinic, which provides medical, dental, and psychological services to the low-income and homeless community in the Eugene, Oregon area.

Samplers contain 2 servings. 1 ounce bags contain 12-15 servings.

*Please see our Contact + FAQs page for information regarding organic ingredients and shipping*

Thanks to @ofpagesandpinecones for providing some of the photos.

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2 reviews for The Ritz

  1. Crystal Smith

    If you need a relaxing tea to calm you down at the end of the day, this is it! I am sipping of a cup of this greatness as I type this.

  2. Ally

    I think the rooibos, lemon peel, and hibiscus give this a tangy taste–more so than I was expecting, but I’ve grown to like it; I find it very refreshing, as well as soothing. Makes fabulous iced tea!

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